WooCommerce Sales Funnels Made Simple

Set up your own, custom sales funnels in no time! Custom Redirects for WooCommerce makes setting up a sales funnel, simple or complex, a breeze.

Get It Done With Redirects

WC Redirects opens up a world of possibilities to create sales funnels and upsells for your WooCommerce-powered website.

Triggered Redirects

Set custom redirects that are triggered when your WooCommerce products are added to a customer’s cart, and/or when it is purchased.

Sales Funnels

Create simple or complex sales funnels by sending customers where they need to go after they’ve taken some action. For example, send them to view scarves after adding a coat to their cart.


You can also send buyers right into an upsell funnel offer after they’ve completed purchase. Post purchase discounts are a great way to boost sales, and increase revenue.

Create Upsells and Funnels

Let’s say you have two categories of products that are closely related: Peanut Butters and Jams. When someone adds a Peanut Butter to the cart, what better time to upsell them on your jams? With the granular control WC Redirects provides, this is quick and easy to do!

Fine Tuned Control of Your Sales Funnels

With Custom Redirects for WooCommerce, you can control your sales funnels by product categories or tags, individual products, or even product variations. Want to redirect users to a new browser tab? Even that is as simple as checking a box!

Creating Sales Funnels Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Sales funnels don’t have to be complex. It’s just about sending customers where you want them to go when they take a particular action. Custom Redirects for WooCommerce takes out all the guess work, and lets you easily define your funnels.

"I’ve been looking for a workaround for installing a lengthy form as part of WooCommerce products. This is great because it redirects my customers to a another page where a Gravity form is waiting for them to complete, before they checkout. Saved me at least $100 in other unnecessary plugins. Nice work mate!"

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