Welcome to the home of the Custom WooCommerce Redirects plugin. This plugin gives you, as a WooCommerce user, the ability to set redirects that will occur after your customers add a product to their cart, or after purchasing a product.

Example Uses

Example 1: Let’s say you have a product, Product X, that you want to up-sell by redirecting the user to the product page after they’ve added Product A to their cart. Since Product X is very complimentary to Product A, this is a perfect opportunity to up-sell Product X. With the Custom WooCommerce Redirects plugin, you can set a redirect as easily as editing a product.

Example 2: Sticking with our Product X from Example 1, now say you want to redirect the user after she purchases the product instead of after adding it to her cart (or in addition to). You can set the after-purchase redirect in the same way.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about the features of Custom WooCommerce Redirects, and to get started, feel free to head over to the Features page.

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